2018 Fall Fundraiser


UPDATE: We have been truly overwhelmed with the positive response to this year’s luncheon. At this time, we are at capacity and all seats have been reserved.

If you wish to be placed on a waitlist for the event, please contact Samantha Spielman.

If you would like to be notified when our white paper is released in October, please click here.

Thank you for your interest in our work, please consider a donation in support of our partnership with schools, families, and communities to promote a broad definition of success so that all kids are healthy and engaged with learning.


  Staci Friesel, Co-Chair
Calla Griffith, Co-Chair
Charlene Margot, Board Chair
Akiko Bristol
Lisa Busby
Jennifer DiBrienza
Amy Fox
Tricia Herrick
Jennifer Jeffries
Alex Lockett
Dipti Mathur
Pam Shames
Gina Skinner
Allison Templeton
Kelli Tomlinson
Sally Whipple
Jennifer Ayer
Cori & Tony Bates
Sabrina & Laurence Braham
Lorraine Brown
Andy Chen
Heather Descollonges
Jennifer DiBrienza & Jesse Dorogusker
Amy Fox & Ulysses Hui
Staci & Jonathan Friesel
Elizabeth & Frank Gerber
Calla & Will Griffith
Bev Hartman/Charlene Margot
Jennifer Jeffries/Laura Krane
Lori Krolik/Pam Shames
Alison & Rob Leupold
Dipti & Rakesh Mathur
Mountain Camp
Meredith Pasquesi
Phillips Brooks School
Barbara & Greg Rosston
Rebecca & Tod Sacerdoti
San Francisco University High School
Stanford Children’s Health
Kelli & Steffan Tomlinson

*To Date


Challenge Success is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For federal income tax purposes, you can deduct the price of the ticket/table less its estimated fair market value as a charitable contribution. We estimate that the fair market value is $50 per ticket or $500 per table. Our tax ID# is 45-3767261.

Please note that while we are affiliated with Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, we receive no direct funding from Stanford, and the education reform efforts that we promote are often overlooked by common funding mechanisms such as foundation grants. In fact, nearly 50% of our operating budget is met through individual donations, and as such, we are extremely grateful for this support.