Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about Challenge Success.

Q: Are you the group that used to be called Stressed-out Students?
A: Yes, Challenge Success grew out of Stressed-out Students, Denise Pope’s research project on student stress and engagement, which began in 2003. Our new name reflects our mission: to broaden the traditional definition of success for youth.


Q: Is Challenge Success anti-achievement?
A: Absolutely not. The goal of Challenge Success is to encourage high levels of success for all children. Currently, many students work under conditions that actually impede academic achievement as well as emotional and physical health. We provide families and schools with the practical, research-based tools they need to raise healthy, motivated kids who will be resilient, successful, meaningful contributors in the 21st century.

Q: How do I become a member school?
A: Member schools attend our Fall and Spring Conferences and work with Challenge Success coaches throughout the school year. Applications for our conferences are available on our website. Please contact our Schools Program Director, Margaret Dunlap at, for more information.

Q: How can I find out about events in my area?
A: Sign up for our monthly newsletters to stay up to date on our events, conferences, workshops, and courses. You can also check the calendar on our website regularly. We add speaking engagements as soon as they are finalized, and many of these events are open to the public.

Q: How many schools do you work with?
A: Challenge Success has worked with nearly 100 schools since we began in 2003.

Q: Is there a list of schools that you work with on your website?
A: We do not publish our member schools because some schools have asked for confidentiality. If you are interested in learning about member schools in your area, please email our Schools Program Director, Margaret Dunlap at

Q: How can I arrange for a CS speaker to speak at my school?
A: We offer a wide variety of parent education workshops and professional development opportunities for schools and community organizations. To schedule a speaker or workshop, email Margaret Dunlap at with a brief description of the type of program you are looking for and we will get back to you.

Q: Is the conference open to the public?
A: The Friday night session of the Fall Conference is open to the public. You can get information on the event and RSVP through our website. On Saturday we work with member school teams only.

Q: How can we sign up for a school survey and how much does it cost?
A: If you are interested in learning about our schools survey and/or scheduling a survey, contact our Schools Program Director, Margaret Dunlap at The price of the standard survey is $750 (includes a summary written report of the findings), and the price of the expanded version is $3500 (includes a detailed written report and hour-long meeting to talk about the analysis and possible areas of focus for school reform).

Q: How do you work with out-of-area schools?
A: While we strongly suggest that all of our schools send full teams to the Fall Conference, we do allow partial teams for out-of-town schools. We have a number of resources available on our website, including DVD’s of our conferences and parent education events, to help schools and families that cannot attend our live programs. In addition, we offer online parenting classes and vodcasts for schools.

Q: Can my elementary school attend the fall conference?
A: We currently invite middle schools and high schools to attend our conferences. We also provide parent education and faculty presentations and professional development for elementary schools and pre-schools.

Q: Can my pre-school attend the conference?
A: Pre-schools cannot attend our conferences at this time, though we do offer parent education and faculty presentations to pre-schools.

Q: What kind of services do you offer parents?
A: We offer a range of parent education services, including 90 minute presentations; a 6-week live parent education course; a 7-session online parent education course, and Frequently Asked Questions videos with Dr. Denise Pope, Dr. Madeline Levine, and Dr. Ken Ginsburg To inquire about hosting a presentation or course at a specific site, please contact Emeri Handler at Our website also has information that parents will find useful, including DVD’s from our conferences, access to local and national research, and a list of valuable books and websites.

Q: How can I get a copy of the DVD for the fall conference?
A: Visit to order the DVD.

Q: What is the latest research on stress?
A: We have compiled information on stress, along with other topics like sleep and sports overuse injuries, on our website. Visit the Research page to find our Do You Know fact sheet and white papers on topics like homework and cheating.

Q: Is Challenge Success a non-profit organization?
A: Yes, Challenge Success is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Q: How is Challenge Success funded?
A: Challenge Success is funded primarily through private donations and a few grants from foundations, though we generate some fees from our school and parent education programs, and through DVD sales. Form 1023 and form 990 are available to the public upon request.

Q: How can I make a donation?
A: Tax-deductible donations are gladly accepted by mail or online through our website,

Q: What is a corporate matching gift and how can I make one?
A: Many large corporations have matching gift programs and will match your gift to a charitable organization. Ask your human resources staff whether your company offers a matching gift program and how you can participate.

Q: Can I volunteer?
A: We do have volunteer needs from time to time. You can send us your information, with specific areas of interest, and we will let you know when we need help.