2021-2022 School Program


By participating in the Challenge Success School Program, you are joining a community of over 200 schools who have committed to advancing student well-being and engagement with learning over the past 16 years. We are so excited to begin this work with you.

A committed, multi-stakeholder team is a critical part of what will make your partnership with Challenge Success productive; it will help build momentum for positive change now and will enable meaningful work in the future. When parents and students work alongside educators, counselors, and administrators, your whole school community becomes invested in the success of the undertaking. This also helps ensures that any solutions generated will meet the needs of each of these different stakeholder groups. Learn more about the characteristics of an effective school team here.

With your multi-stakeholder team, you will spend this year:

  • Gathering data to identify and more deeply understand root causes of student stress and disengagement at your school
  • Increasing buy-in from parents, staff, and students to reinforce the effective initiatives already underway and lay the foundation to explore new strategies
  • Piloting and assessing research-based policies and practices that fit with your school’s specific needs and goals

Challenge Success is here as a resource, coach, and enthusiastic partner as you move your vision forward. Please feel free to reach out to anyone from the School Program team with questions, requests, or ideas of how we can better support you.