Annual Reports

Dear Community,

2019 was an extraordinary year for Challenge Success! Our programs reached an unprecedented number of schools and students and, as a community, we reached a new milestone in our fundraising goal. This could not have been achieved without our ever-expanding network of ambassadors actively promoting our work and participating in our development initiatives. We cannot emphasize enough what a difference your support made, and will continue to make, as we challenge society’s narrow definition of success and work to improve student well-being and academic engagement across the country. Thanks to our generous partners, 2019 was our most impactful year yet.

Highlights include:

» We continued to deliver on our mission, and combined revenue increased by nearly 30% in our core service areas: Year-Long School Program, Research and Surveys, Parent Education, and Professional Development.
» We improved affordability and access to our programming by 1) awarding financial assistance to schools that might not otherwise be able to afford our program fees, and 2) hosting our first East Coast Fall School Conference to help mitigate school travel costs and further meet the needs of those joining our program from across the country.
» We expanded our one-day Summer Leadership Seminars to include 3 locations over the summer—with over 150 school leaders attending in California, Illinois, and New York.
The highly publicized Varsity Blues scandal also presented Challenge Success with an opportunity to leverage our recently published college white paper, A “Fit” Over Rankings, as a teachable moment. For the last 15 years, we have cautioned that society’s overemphasis on a narrow definition of success, and the permeating culture of “achievement at all costs,” is placing our kids’ emotional health at risk and impacting their ability to be ethically and academically engaged. Our white papers on academic integrity and college admissions represent an overview of the research on these important topics and uniquely positioned us to provide critical insight and perspective as the nation processed the news.
In 2019, our donors made a financial commitment to Challenge Success with the shared belief that It’s Time for Change and an understanding that the status quo is no longer sustainable for our kids. Please know that every gift we received last year was instrumental in building the overall strength of our organization and increasing our reach to thousands of students nationwide. We are well-positioned to capitalize on this sustained support and to deliver strategies for further improving student well-being, equity, and academic engagement. Again, we cannot thank you enough!
Amy Fox Kathy Koo
Board Chair Executive Director