College Admissions

Based on the Challenge Success survey data of more than 150,000 high school students, we know that the college admissions process can often be a top source of stress and anxiety for students. Rather than accepting that it has to be this way, we encourage students, parents, and educators to pause and reflect on how the college process can be a time for exploration and self-discovery where teens can consider college choices that honor who they are and where they will thrive and be most engaged. The process offers opportunities for students to navigate joys, disappointments, and tough choices, and to practice resilience and independence.   

Research shows that finding a “good fit” college where you can be engaged is more important for student learning, job satisfaction, and well-being than going to a highly ranked school. Here are several resources to support a healthier, more balanced approach to college admissions. Share these widely with students, parents, and educators in your community.

Resources to Manage College Admissions During COVID-19

General Resources