Planning in a Pandemic

Student well-being and engagement are more critical now than ever. As your school plans for next year, how can you identify what’s working better for students during these unusual times and carry forward key learnings and innovations? How can you resist defaulting to the way things were done before the pandemic? Partner with Challenge Success to collect and assess data from your community and get support from our experienced coaches as you plan for the next school year in ways that prioritize student well-being and engagement. 


  • Schedule: Assessing new schedule related policies implemented during COVID such as later start times, variations of a block schedule, longer transitions, and increased flex/advisory time 
  • Homework: Addressing load, configuring departmental homework expectations, and clearly articulating to students to support a more balanced student course load
  • Assessment and Grading: Repositioning grades and assessment practices as opportunities for growth and connection
  • Student Well-being and Connection: Finding new ways to better support students, reduce anxiety and stress, and build more connection between students and educators


  1. Facilitation & Coaching – Four (4) meetings with a Challenge Success coach and the opportunity to leverage our research-based tools, and processes to guide your strategic planning process.
  2. Data collection – Work with the Challenge Success research team to collect or assess data that will inform practice and policy changes using the Challenge Success mini surveys or several other “Listening In” protocols.
  3. Collective Wisdom Multi-School Roundtable – Convene via Zoom in late Spring with other leaders participating in this program to share best practices and lessons learned during the pandemic.
  4. Research & Resources – Access relevant research and tools in our resource portal and meet as needed with our research team during open office hours hosted four times per month.

AUDIENCE: Elementary, Middle, & High School Teams

TIMING: 2-5 months

PRICE: $4,700 per school team