Tools & Examples

Thank you to our partner schools and other mission-aligned organizations for sharing their best practices with us so that other communities may benefit from their experiences.


  • Time Scheduling WorksheetPDF

    This tool helps students as they select courses and determine extracurricular activities for the year. Don't forget to factor in 8-10 hours of sleep per night! This was adapted from a worksheet developed by Miramonte High School, one of our partner schools.

  • Time Wheel ActivityPDF

    This tool helps families consider how they are spending their time and reflect on the amount of "PDF" (Playtime, Downtime, Family time) they get each day.

  • Honest Talk About StressWATCH

    Folsom High School students share their honest reflections about stress and pressure.

  • Turning the Tide IIPDF

    A report from Making Caring Common that highlights how parents and high schools can cultivate ethical character and reduce distress in the college admissions process

  • The Menlo-Atherton High School Rigor Scale:PDF

    The Rigor Scale (developed with input from students, faculty, and administrators) is a tool for guidance counselors as they help students plan course loads. It helps counselors give students a better idea of the amount of work involved.

And here are more great ideas from Challenge Success students: