Professional Development

Challenge Success offers high-quality professional development workshops tailored specifically for elementary, middle, and high schools. Our interactive workshops are designed for educators who are interested in learning practical tools for improving student well-being and engagement with learning. 

During this unprecedented time of school closures, we are offering all of our workshops virtually with a live presenter via Zoom.

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Workshop Topics

Length: 60-90 min   •   Format: Live (Virtual or In-Person*) or Video (6-12 only)   •   Audience: K-12 educators

In a high-stakes, high-pressure culture, parent and school expectations may have unintentional but damaging effects on students. Increasing demands on students may lead to unhealthy stress, resulting in burnout, disengagement, or debilitating physical and mental health symptoms. This workshop examines the tension that parents, students, and teachers often experience over issues such as homework, grades, and the culture of competition, and offers tools for creating a healthier school climate. This presentation is also available for your parent community.

Length: 60 min   •   Format: Live (Virtual or In-Person*)   •   Audience: K-12 educators

With all the changes taking place in schools, it can be hard to assess what’s working and what misses the mark. In this workshop, we’ll consider how to more effectively evaluate the policies and practices we enact. Participants will draw on tools and strategies from improvement science and impact evaluation to better understand how to generate evidence that enables continuous improvement.

Length: 60 min   •   Format: Live (Virtual or In-Person*)   •   Audience: 6-12 educators

Partner with Challenge Success to host a virtual fishbowl at your school. A fishbowl offers a unique opportunity for school staff to “listen in” as a small group of students share their experiences and feelings on a particular topic – remote learning, assessment, connection to teachers, to name a few. The learnings from this event can help drive the policy and practice decisions you make. In working with Challenge Success, we’ll help you prepare, execute, and moderate this event.

Length: 60 min   •   Format: Live (Virtual or In-Person*)  •   Audience: K-12 educators

How do we best assess student learning during this unexpected shift to remote learning? In this workshop, we will share and model a range of assessment strategies that provide meaningful feedback to students in a virtual environment. Participants will leave with relevant, interactive, and fun practices that they can begin using tomorrow. 

Length: 60-90 min   •   Format: Live (Virtual or In-Person*)   •   Audience: K-12 educators 

How do you know when your students truly understand the material you are teaching? How do you encourage more authentic learning experiences while minimizing grade-grubbing and cheating? This interactive workshop reviews the “backwards design” process and focuses on multiple assessment strategies to help teachers more effectively determine what their students are learning.

Length: 60 min  •   Format: Live (Virtual or In-Person*)  •   Audience: K-12 educators

Research suggests that students and teachers need to feel connected to foster healthy and engaged learners — wherever learning is happening. But how do you cultivate this connection when students and educators are not in the same physical location? In this workshop, participants will reflect on practices for promoting a sense of belonging, explore strategies for building community in remote learning environments, and leave with ideas you can implement right away for nurturing meaningful connections.

Length: 60-90 min   •   Format: Live (Virtual or In-Person*) or Video (6-12 only)   •   Audience: K-12 educators

Homework is a hot topic today for educators, parents, and students. Teachers struggle to meet standards and prepare students for tests without assigning unreasonable amounts of homework. This workshop examines critical questions for educators to consider: What is the purpose of homework? How much homework is appropriate? In this workshop, you’ll learn the latest research on homework and will discuss best practices in creating effective homework assignments. This presentation is also available for your parent community.

Length: 60-90 min   •   Format: Live (Virtual or In-Person*)  •   Audience: K-12 educators 

We know that kids learn better and retain more information when they are genuinely engaged in classroom lessons. This workshop uses a “backwards design” model to help teachers plan engaging units and effective assessment techniques that bring learning to life for students. You’ll learn a process to develop engaging units and assessment tools that meet state standards.

Presentation Format


Bring a member of the Challenge Success team to your community to facilitate a live workshop – virtually or in-person. Note that during this time of school closures and shelter-in-place restrictions, our facilitators will be presenting virtually via Zoom. Additional fees for travel and accommodations may apply to events held in-person that are 30 miles or farther from Stanford University. Contact us for pricing. 


When we can’t travel to a community, we offer interactive video workshops, designed for groups of educators to view together. We currently offer the Well-Balanced Student and Making Homework Work presentations as video events. Contact us for pricing. 

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