Staff Survey

The Challenge Success Staff Survey (launching Fall 2020) is a 25-35 minute online survey for school staff that measures perceptions of their own well-being, stress, support structures, feelings of belonging, and their perceptions of the student experience and comfort with implementation of practices that support student well-being and engagement. Explore sample questions below.

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The Staff Survey package includes:

  • SURVEY: Support administering one online survey¬†
  • DASHBOARD: One interactive, online dashboard of results with executive summary
  • DEBRIEF CALL: One video call with members of our Research and School Program teams to debrief results and recommend next steps
  • RESEARCH TEAM OFFICE HOURS: Access to a member of the research team on Thursdays at 12pm PT for follow-up questions.

Challenge Success offers limited financial assistance based on need. Apply Here.


Staff Well-Being

  • I feel worn out because of my work as a teacher.
  • I feel overwhelmed because my work load seems endless.
  • On a typical weekday, how much time do you spend on work related to your job outside of school hours?
  • I find it difficult to separate my personal life from my life as a teacher.
  • I feel like I belong at this school.
  • I feel like people at this school care about me.

Teacher Practices

  • I have students make sense of and solve unfamiliar problems.
  • I have students analyze others’ ideas and arguments.
  • I have students design or create problems or topics for other students to investigate.
  • Students in my class choose what topics or skills they focus on.
  • Students in my class make choices based on their interest.
  • When you assign homework in your classes, what is the primary purpose?

Perceptions of Student Well-Being

  • To what extent are you confident in the ability of your students at your school to cope with stress?
  • How often do students fall asleep in your class?
  • What percentage of your students complete their homework assignments during a typical school week?
  • On a typical weekday, how much time do you expect your students to spend on homework for your class?
  • How often do students ask you about their grades?