Virtual Workshops for Summer 2020

During this unprecedented time of nationwide school closures, we are offering virtual programming to support schools and families. Click on the program below to inquire about pricing and additional information. Contact Kari Riedel, Director of Outreach, with any questions.

Explore more of our free webinars and curated tip and tools for families and educators on our Resources for Remote Learning page.

Challenge Success offers limited need-based financial assistance for all of our programs. Click here to apply.

Summer Leadership Seminar

Join Challenge Success and a dynamic group of K-12 school leaders from across the country for our 4th annual leadership seminar to be held virtually via Zoom this summer. Through interactive presentations, workshops, and dialogue with peers, participants will learn new strategies to improve student well-being and promote academic engagement in their school community. Registration is open to all K-12 school and district leaders.

Pulse on Connections – Middle & High School Student Survey

Get a pulse on how connected students feel to one another and to the adults in their school community during this unique time of remote learning with our new 10-minute online student survey tool.

Professional Development Workshop: Grab-and-Go Strategies for Assessing Learning Online

How do we best assess student learning during this unexpected shift to remote learning? In this workshop, we will share and model a range of assessment strategies that provide meaningful feedback to students in a virtual environment. Participants will leave with relevant, interactive and fun practices that they can begin using tomorrow. Available to school communities with a live presenter via Zoom.

Parent Ed Webinar: Navigating K-12 Remote Learning for Families

Schools or parent organizations can invite their parent community to a 45-minute webinar with Challenge Success to address concerns from families about the impact of remote learning on their child’s academic journey and explore practical tips and guidelines for what they can do to support student well-being and engagement with learning at home.

Parent Ed or Professional Development Workshop: A Well-Balanced Perspective on College Fit

The college admissions process can be a source of stress and anxiety for students and parents alike. In this research-based workshop, participants will learn practical strategies to help reduce unnecessary pressure around the college admissions process and ways to support their student’s overall well-being and readiness for life in college and beyond. Available to school communities with a live presenter via Zoom.

Parent Ed or Professional Development Workshop: The Well-Balanced Student

Support balanced and engaged students by hosting an interactive parent or faculty workshop. We will share research and strategies for a healthier school and home environment. Available to school communities with a live presenter via Zoom or via a pre-recorded video.