Nov. 16-19 Workshop for Educators


Three-part Workshop for Teachers and Instructional Coaches (5th-12th Grade)



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NOV 16 | 17 | 19 
4:00 – 5:30 pm PDT | 7:00 – 8:30 pm ET

The shift to remote and hybrid learning has laid bare the shortcomings of traditional assessments. Especially when administered online, tests and quizzes often don’t engage students nor do they provide them with authentic ways of demonstrating what they know. Many teachers, as a result, have developed a renewed interest in the open-ended and engaging approach of performance assessments

This 3-part workshop series will guide middle and high school educators through the process of creating dynamic student assessment for learning experiences, with each session exploring a different dimension of assessment:

Part 1. Planning for Performance Assessment –How can busy teachers effectively integrate more and/or stronger performance assessments into an already packed curriculum?  

Part 2: Designing Performance Assessment Tasks – How can I create engaging assessment tasks that align with critical course outcomes?

Part 3: Teaching to the Task – How can I provide engaging, student-centered learning to help all successfully complete the performance task?

Sessions will include 60 minutes of interactive learning as well as an optional 30 minutes of design time supported by Challenge Success staff. Participants will leave with ideas, concepts, and strategies to develop quality performance assessments.

Cost: $180 per educator. Space is limited.


“Very informative and interactive. Great mix of ready to go strategies and pedagogical reasoning. Thanks for all you provided for us!” – Educator